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Cupcake Meet 18

Big thanks to everyone for coming out and supporting Cupcake Meet 18. We have so much respect for Friction Motorsports and the automotive community for coming together and making this event happening. Without people like you we would have no such events and Oklahoma would be the dull, lifeless place that America stereotypes us to be. I hope everyone had a great time despite the less than perfect weather conditions. Enjoy just a small percent of the action with some sweet photos from Houa Vue.

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Honda-fetish 2013

This year for the Honda-fetish event in Grand Prarie Texas I had my buddy and rep Javi ride down and snap pics for me.
I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but now I am regretting not going myself.
There was a huge turn-out of the fitted and stock so lets get to the pictures! I will update this as much as I can.
Now, introducing the pictures from the Honda-Fetish meet hosted June 23rd in Texas.

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IFO Tulsa – June 9, 2013

There is absolutely nothing special about IFO anymore. Almost no one who deserves to win, does.
But when you dig through all the rice and boring stock cars that seem to win, there is good too.
The kind of good that is so awesome, it isn’t even acknowledged and gets blatantly overlooked.
Stay strong my stanced brethren – because, IFO isn’t about style, finesse, or balls.
That’s where I come in to dig through the crap to find the diamonds that need to be seen.
So may I present to you the majority of the cars I thought had neckbreaking qualities.

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