The ONLY place for aggressive fitment in Oklahoma.


Street Car Takeover:OKLAHOMA CITY@Twin Peaks

I love these events that bring together all walks of life in the car scene.
Street Car Takeover:Oklahoma City spanned over 3 days with meet, greet, and track days
each at a different location throughout the state to showcase the show, go, and slow OK has to offer.
From tame everyday cars with light mods, to full out track-ready street cars, this had it all!
Even more, I love that the pictures do most of the talking so i don’t have to bore you with wordy details.
Onto the reason you are here, the cars! Of course, with a little help from the girls at Twin Peaks in Oklahoma City.

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Coffee & Cars – June 2014

Check out the large alliance of the car community in Oklahoma City. Such diversity and personality.
I will let the pictures speak for themselves as i highlight some of my favorite local rides that came out.

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We had our first official stance meet this year at Lake Hefner in sunny Oklahoma City on Sunday, May 4th.
I was not expecting such a great turnout but thanks to all of you, your love, and support – it was a huge success!
Thanks to all of you who submitted pictures on the event’s facebook page. Here are just some of your awesome submissions.

Biggest shout out of all time goes to Adam for setting this meet up for us!
As you can see, it is hard work keeping the crowd rioting to a minimum…

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Cupcake Meet 18

Big thanks to everyone for coming out and supporting Cupcake Meet 18. We have so much respect for Friction Motorsports and the automotive community for coming together and making this event happening. Without people like you we would have no such events and Oklahoma would be the dull, lifeless place that America stereotypes us to be. I hope everyone had a great time despite the less than perfect weather conditions. Enjoy just a small percent of the action with some sweet photos from Houa Vue.

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