Getting Up To Speed – IFO 2010+

Getting low with a wider stance is always a win-here’s SOME of people who agree that are driving around Oklahoma City. I took these first few at the recent Import Face-Off at the Thunder Valley Raceway in Noble, OK.

I’ve always had a soft spot for old Corollas-Mark’s 2-tone AE86 with that big chrome lip is no exception. With all the custom zip-tie work, it’s a rat-rod of the best kind!

Batman+Nissan=Hamidur’s murdered out 350z. Low and excessively filling up the fender wells like it ain’t no thang.

I can’t say a lot about Teddy-P’s s2k besides-wow! The BBS’ made damn sure that no one can look at this car just once. Coilovers soon!

I love this car! Alex did a great job making luxury meet aggressive.

We need more agressive fitted Honda’s!-Can’t wait to see more like it in the future.

Porsche wheels on a vdub? So raw! With some spacers and camber it would look crazy but going any lower in OK is just begging for oil pan death.

Tony and Tony’s IS300’s turn heads wherever they go and its easy to see why. Matching Lexus up with Works is never a bad decision.

photocredits: SY PHAM

Hope you don’t mind me using these to help promote Elvis! I took them off the guys facebook’s until i can take some more soon


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