Texas Corollas (via SouthRn FresH)

Oklahoma needs to get on the ball! I usually see all these new stock Corollas(and Camrys) and laugh – but Texas is doing them right. Defiantly not easy to look good, but its no where near impossible–obviously.

Texas Corollas While browsing the many forums I frequent, I found a thread on Houston-Imports.  And I had to share the pair of  Corollas with the viewers.  The Rogue Status Interior work was done with a shirt nice touch I think.. And the white Corolla is a friend of his, in its older stages..and has went some work recently, so stay tuned for that in the future. Pictures shot and submitted by the owner, Flickr link below FaizaanF FLICKR I was about to finance a … Read More

via SouthRn FresH



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  1. Im Working on stancing out my 8th gen rolla. just waiting on the coilovers and wheel spacers. Then i gotta figure out the kit i wanna get

    • you live in Oklahoma?? id love to see one riding around here-they have so much potential!

      • yeah i live in mustang. yeah I didnt originally want the car but i mean 5 grand for 50 chassis on the clock isnt a bad deal the hard part is doing it with originality. it seems everyone is doing dupicates on the well built ones

  2. 5 grand for a car with 50K miles on it….. *EDIT*

    At the moment im sitting on 17×7 Drag D9s with 205/45s yeah i know fake wheels…. but im on a budget lol ill be getting Ksport Coilovers which ill be able to drop it 3+ inches all around so ill have about a finger gap left in the arches.

  3. http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1371150654856.39409.1714460822&l=f17d4f6a61&type=1 theres only one pic of the rolla sofar but im working on it still.

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