Oklahoma’s First Stance & Fitment Meet!

First off, i would like to personally thank everyone for coming! My goal with this blog is to give Oklahoma’s low/wide fans something to talk about and look at since we are kind of left out in most fitment communities-it seems most U.S. features are coming from Cali, or Florida, or Texas. Here we have a place for our style to be displayed and to give an outlook for other curious as to what “stance” is all about. Me and a few friends from wrongfitmentcrew decided it was about time we have our own meet where we can all talk and check out what other Oklahomans like us are doing. I was surprised anyone showed up with the two days prior notice we gave but overall we had about 30 people show up and check things out. No not everyone was slammed, poking, or even flush but hopefully a few were maybe inspired to do something different than the norm as we have.

Secondly, i have noticed the BOOM in views and interest the blog has had. The most views it had previously was maybe 60-70 in one day with around 2000 total views. Fast forward just a few months–ive had several days meeting or exceeding 100 views and have nearly 5000 views. That is a TON considering what a small community this is coming from.(Oklahoma being years behind most every other state and us stretch and poke folks being so talked down on by other car groups) Oklahoma’s car enthusiast group is fairly small compared to most states and even then those who like low and wide cars is a VERY small percent in that. With that being the case-we stand out even more.

So keep spreading the word and having fun with your cars!

A FEW EXTRAS FROM: H2ouup2(all pictures without the okstance watermark)



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  1. Sweet pics. Wish I could’ve made it.

  2. when is next time

  3. where was this at ?

  4. on sw15th by dell in OKC
    next one SHOULD be in August but no date has been named

  5. when is next meet

  6. When is the next meet. I’m frm the Tulsa area. And would come down on the next get together

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