Dusty’s Bagged xB

When you first hear bagged, usually with stanced cars, you’d think of a luxury car with super monster stretched tires, lots of negative camber, and all other things VIP style. Dusty decided to go another route and just have a clean, reliable daily that still turns heads when you see it slammed to the ground. This shoot took place all over the city. From a remote parking garage, to right in the depths of downtown, Dusty was turning heads and attracting all sorts of attention, as you’ll see in the video proceeding the pictures.

Dusty is riding on custom painted XXR’s in 16×7+0 wrapped in 205/50s.

Making this xB drivable are Air Lift v2 front air struts and rear bags.

After being in the dark dingy, warehouse setting we thought the car might pop out more in the busy, dramatic landscapes of downtown Oklahoma City.

The bBist carbon fiber rear spoiler and Seibon hood give it a more aggressive look that stands out from the rest.

What i really love about his car, is that it appears to be moving even when its standing still.

With the Hellaflow catback exhaust, you can hear thing xB coming around the block.

I love the Burberry style interior and custom painted dashboard. Very clean, different, and dare i say-elegant.

2006 Scion xB
Other Mods:
Marksman Security System
Viair 380c Compressor w/ 5 gallon tank
EasyStreet digital controller and ecu
JDM window visors
Bb front and rear strut bars
Soundstream 2000D amplifier with t5 12″ subwoofer
Audiocontrol EQS equalizer
TRD Quickshift kit
Tons of stickers to covered up the damaged lip


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  1. i would lose the steering wheel..

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