Bret’s Miata – Stance in the Making

When you have a slammed car with stock wheels, you usually aspire to have a fresh look. Some might even want a more aggressive look with a wider stance. But it takes more than just throwing on some slightly wider wheels and some tires and getting some lowering springs. So you think you can stance? We’ll show you today, one way of how its done.

My buddy Bret already has had coils on his Miata and finally decided to get some wide wheels put on it. Already riding as low as his suspension will allow, he is used to avoiding big bumps and dips. Now that his wheels are in, we can show you a few easy steps you help you along your way of adding some “stance” to your ride.

Step 1 – Jack up the car, remove the wheels, and heat up the fenders.

Step 2 – Roll fenders (we used a hammer with a rag around it), reassemble, and ride to your neareast shop that will stretch tires.

Step 3 – Get tires of choice blown onto your new setup with a cheetah or method of choice and smile.

Step 4 – Test fit and pray they fit without having to do a ton of extra fender work.

Step 5 – Ride around and show-off your new setup to your friends.

Drive it to you’re place of employment and make all your friends jealous.

Go ride around and count how many heads you turn. 5-15 is average.

Step 6 – Have your photoshoot done by OKSTANCE.

Slammed to dangerously low levels by raceland coilovers.

Riding on a chromium black set of XXR 002’s in 15×9+0 and 185/55 Hankook tires to wrap them up for a meaty stretch.

Now, enjoy the new stance and don’t forget to drive low and slow.

Finding the right fitment of wheel and tire to avoid massive fender work takes a lot of research. Use reference websites like rimtuck, tyrestretch, and willtheyfit to help you along the way. I highly encourage pulling the fenders to fit very large wheels but i know pushing the limits of your car’s body isn’t for everyone.



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  1. what shop did you use to get your tires stretched? im looking to put some 8 inch wide wheels on my corolla and at the moment im nearly hitting the fender on 7 inch wide wheels.

  2. How can i send you pics of my car? as it is now?

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