Eric’s Honda Civic Si

When you normally think of Civics, you’d think of a great economy car and a great aftermarket for parts. When you think of a Civic in the fitment world, normally you’d think of XXR wheels, diamond racings, a bike rack, and stickerbombing.

When you see Eric’s Civic – it has none of that. Supercharged and floating inches above the pavement, it turns heads everywhere it goes. It’s Riding on 17×9.5+15 MB Battles with 205/40 tires all around. That kind of stretch allows for this super close fitment. After we rolled, cut, and pulled his fenders – it still rubs everywhere. Running about 0 camber upfront and 4-5 negative camber in the rear – it fits just right. When pulling in and out of the driveway, his fender tends to fit right between his lip and tire. Check out the video to see this thing in action. Pushing 330whp all day!!

Any weak fitment can be upgraded if you have the willpower and the funds to do it.

But, some fender modding was a must to fit such a low offset.

After test fitting, we took it for a test drive – it rubbed everywhere.

Cleaning up the car before the shoot was a must.

Then after a good washing, it was time to go find a spot to do the shoot.

Luckily, we found one pretty quick driving around edmond for just a few minutes.

This Civic is slammed on BC coilovers – pretty close to all the way down.

These JDM foglights and HFP lip really set the car off nicely.

Protect yourself with a bra, bro.

We got a bunch of crazy looks from people on our way back to the house.

Better believe you can hear this blasting down the street with the skunk2 exhaust and headers.

2006 Honda Civic Si
Comptech supercharger w/aem intake
Deatchwerks fuel pump
1000cc injectors
E85 tuned
Carbon fiber spark plug cover, injector cover, and cooling tray



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  1. ive been wanting to get mb battles on my si and now that ive seen yours…. im itching to get to work! your car is really clean… nice work

  2. do you you have spacers on?

    And i was also wondering how you get the tires stretched?…i really like that look but i dont get how it works…i’ve seen videos on people stretching tires but.. i thought there had to be an easier way..but i may be wrong.

    thank you.

  3. looks so sick bro. im about to get some Mb battles on my Si soon to and paint them white. 18×8 tho because i cant deal with my car that slammed for daily driven, wish i could. lol

  4. I got a fa5 and i wanna throw some of these on too! im sitting on full coils. i already have negative 5 and negative 3 or 2 in the front. any idea on what offset i can get if i wanna run 17×9.5? and just roll my fenders nothing to crazy like you did.unless its necessary. and still keep that aggressive look. any help please ?!
    P.S where did you get tha braa?!

  5. Man your ride inspired me to get a 07 si sedan goin with the gun metal battles, s2 cams jackson racing supercharger

  6. What kind of headlights do you have on your civic si?? HID kit or just HIR bulbs?

  7. my friend i have one honda same like your i want buy i rims like tha please help where can i find and what is the exactly name and size

  8. Hey what kind of rim are those!? They seem like the xxr 527, are those 527!?

  9. Hey bro what kind of rims are those!? They look like the xxr 527! Can you tell me what kind are the one you have in this civic si plz

    • normally i would answer total noob questions but you are either a dick or a complete moron!!!
      it states VERY clearly what wheel and tire sizes he is running. so thanks for ONLY looking at pictures and asking a dumbass question like that..SMH

      • As you can see I don’t like to read, I noticed what kind of rims where those but it was too late I had already posted my question but thank you for your response dumass!

  10. How much did you lower ur car? How many inches?

  11. Does he still have the car? Or like instagram or anything? I fell in love with this car and the video the 1st time I watched it, and I still watch it all the time lol

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