Eraun’s Baller Bmw

If you remember your childhood, most likely, if you are like the rest of us, you had that favorite car. That certain car you always wanted and aspired to get when you were old enough to drive. Do you ever wonder what the next generation will aspire to have as their daily drivers? Lambo? Ferrari? Way too overpriced and cliche. If I were born five years ago, looking at cars to be my dream car, this would be the one. I can easily say that Eraun Petry’s 2006 BMW 330i is what dreams are made of. With all the bells and whistles and a sick stance to boot, this euro has it all.  This 330 you see below is equipped with Sport Package , BMW Performance Exhaust, Mtech Side Skirts & Rear Bumper, and M3 style front bumper – and that’s just the tip of the mod list.

I’m lucky to have met Eraun when i did. Browsing through the stancenation forums,  i bumped into him and started talking and found out he had moved to the city from DFW. We soon met up and hung out quite a bit, and this was back when he had a much more modest fitment. Now riding on Varrstoen 2.2.2 in 19×9.5 & 19×10.5, its a perfect mix of aggressive and functional.

Riding at a perfect height for the everyday riding and beating, he’s equipped with H&R Race Springs.

Be on the lookout for this BMW in the future doing big things! That is, if he hasn’t put all of his extra money into his e30.

DDM Tuning 5000k Fog Lights
JB Speed Lightweight Flywheel
LED License Plate Lights
H&R Race Springs
Varrstoen 2.2.2
19×9.5 et20
19×10.5 et22
225/35/19 Yokohama s.Drive
275/30/19 Continental SportContact2
BMW Mtech Rear Spoiler
LCI Facelift interior
Rear Foglight Mod


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