Neckbreaker – Houa’s Silver Si

Once upon a time, there was a land where nothing interesting ever happened.
Then from out of the shadows, came a Civic. But not just your ordinary Civic, this one was special.
This one had style, class, and attitude. Most importantly, this Civic brakes necks.

Not to be mistaken for the silver surfer, this Civic has some SERIOUS attitude.
Hovering inches…no…centimeters from the ground, id be afraid to be a highway reflector or his oil pan.

Not only is Houa passionate about his car and giving it his own personal style, he’s a great guy and ballsy as hell to ride this low.

Here’s a new desktop wall paper for everyone – Enjoy!

Helping him get the perfect amount of camber for this wheel setup at this height, a skunk2 rear camber kit is in place to keep the wheels from hitting the fenders as much as possible while he’s cruising down those torrential Tulsa roads.

After the perfect fitment you’ll notice this aggressive front end, styled appropriately with mugen front lip, quick release bumper, and clear headlights – to give this front end a super clean touch.

Allowing this Civic to hover like this isn’t an airbag setup, it’s a set of Buddyclub N+ coilovers.

From the rear, you’ll noticed it’s been debadged, wingless, a mugen exhaust, and has hfp sideskirts and rear lip.

The shoes on this is a modest but very clean and sporty setup. Rota D2 17×8.5+25 wrapped in 205/40/17 all around. Clean and subtle yet aggressive is where Houa’s Civic can’t go wrong. Setting off the wheels is a set of Drag neo chrome lug nuts.

Thanks a ton for Houa and Cody Kinsch for the amazing pictures. This is an amazingly well done ride and all the small details make it really stand out. Next time ill have to request some interior and engine bay shots for the performance guys out there. You can argue this cars functionality all you want, but it is what it is. A well done daily commute car, modified to express one’s personal style, tastes, and personality. What more can you ask for from an enthusiast?

2009 Honda Civic Si

engine mods:
custom intake
mugen exhaust
mugen oil and radiator cap
mugen resevior cover
jdm valve cover

mugen frnt lip
hfp sideskirts and rear lip
debadged emblems
wingless trunk
quick release front bumper
clear headlights

jdm hazard button
push to start button
mugen si shift knob
megan racing c pillar bar

Wheels and Tires:
rota d2 17×8.5+25
falken 912 205/40/17
buddyclub n+ coilovers
skunk2 rear camber kit
drag neo chrome lug nuts



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  1. This is one sick ride man, still get the chills when I am in the passanger side!

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