Chris’s Roudy Rsx

What is the main assumption about our style of cars by the majority of the car world? That we are hipsters, a fad?
They assume stance is about stretching tires, -12 degrees of camber, and buildings cars that could never perform.
In some cases, they may be true – but there are many difference kinds of stance.
Chris and his dangerously, unassuming RSX is one car you shouldn’t underestimate.

With a modest interior – just a passenger and driver seat, nothing else. Interior carpeting and panels, removed.

Tucking the tire – with a nicely fitted, amount of meat on these wheels.

Oh, and did i mention, its boosted and tuned with E-85?

Introducing, the meanest RSX crusing the streets of Oklahoma City and Midwest City.

The first things that pop out , are the white Rota Grids. 17×9+25 with a 245/40 all around.

The second things that grabs my attention the perfect body and beautiful paint.

Lastly, i love how the lip kit and function form type 2 coilovers bring this RSX much closer to the ground than stock.

The front end looks refined for show or street with the carbon kevlar hood with aero catch pins and foglights.

The only thing the interior really has aside from the gauges, dash, door panels, and seats are the Club RSX strut bar and shift knob. Why have all that extra weight from those annoying backseats and cumbersome rear interior panels?

The engine has only been modified with Turbonetics 60-1 stage 3 turbo kit with custom piping, , Deatschwerk 1300cc injectors, and k pro. Aside from that, Chris kept the motor and transmission completely stock. An engine damper and skunk 2 tie bar have been also added for good measure to add some rigidity and some extra engine flare.

Nicely tucked away, is a cherry bomber exhaust, which gives this beast a gorgeous exhaust tone.

Tucking the wheels safely inside the fenders is a SPC rear camber kit.

And here’s itll look like when this RSX is flying by you with all its 325.99hp and 262 torque, pushing 11 psi.

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  1. Good photos man, car looks mean!

  2. A-spec sides and you’re set!

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