Neil’s Chalkboard E30

More often times than not, something so simple, can be so brilliant.
Like, just waking up early enough to be able to see the sunrise – natural beauty can overlooked.
I believe that those sorts of things need to be celebrated more.
How can showy props and gimmicks be our usual focus when the simple are being ignored?
Well, today is not one of those days. Today, i am showing my appreciation for the once ignored.

For Neil, it all began with a tattered, $400 E30 shell, and restoring it from the ground up.

With a little love, it has transformed. At a time, left for dead.
Now, back from the grave, it was given a second chance at life.

“I’d like to think of it as my little project car. Something to take to meets, take to auto-x on the weekends, etc. There’s nothing extravagant about it.”

A lot of time and attention has gone into building this E30, but according to Neil, “There is more work to be done.”

Other than the chalkboard paint, this car is very simple and classic. Also, its about as stock as it gets.
Nothing too shiny or fancy and the mod list is very humble, yet effective when executed so well.

Rolling on 16×8″ et23 E38 style 5′s and 205/45 tires. Just a slight touch of an extra 10mm spaced out all around.

Completely putting a car back together isn’t a simple or overnight task as you might imagine.
Something many of us have done for a car we had a passion for. Working those long days and nights.
Putting whatever time we could spare into transforming our projects to be a display of our personality and
depending on the person –  it can show off or creative or sinister sides.
“Two years ago I wouldn’t have thought that it would be where it is today.
I’d like to believe we’ve made something from nothing.
Not only for my enjoyment but for everyone in real life and online that has been a part of it-
everyone who’s been a part of the build and the designs.”

The only thing needed to get this aggressive and very functional stance today is a set of Ground Control coilovers.
Its not rocket science. Lower and wider looks good and can usually handle better. Some take it to extremes. In this case, Neil shows off his personality with a classic and timeless look. This E30 is living automotive art.

Check out more of Neil’s amazing work!


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  1. This is one chalky ride yo! LOL, love the originality of it, his style on file

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