Oklahoma Stance Meet #3 Part 1

Oklahoma Stance Meet #3 – Brought to you by Low Standards

I can’t believe the leaps and bounds this state has made turning their cars into something unique.
From stickered lip daily drivers to frame scraping weekend beauties, the scene here is booming.
I’ve never seen a turn out like this nor excepted all the different variety in cars and styles.

Some cars you will see all the way from the first stance meet and some are fresh, new out the box.
Big thanks to everyone for coming out and making this our biggest and best meet yet!
Just from this little preview, i cant imagine how huge and mind-blowing the OKC CCM:13 will be!

Look out for many of these cars pictured doing BIG things and many have already contacted me for features.
Contact us on the facebook page or by email for booking and sticker ordering.
So, without further delays, here is the first half of pictures from Oklahoma’s Stance Meet #3.

The Tulsa guys came out really hard this year and broke tons of necks no doubt.

Like Houa, with his new setup in 18×9.5, which is an inch wider all around than his previous setup.

I am loving all the amazing Honda and Acura on quality setups. These guys really know their stuff.

Be looking out for a full feature of this accord in time to come.

Be on the lookout for Tyler’s EG. It will NOT look the same next time you see it at the cupcake meet.

BIG shout out to Jack for setting this up and always upping the bar!

Thanks to Mickey, Van, Vang, and Houa for all the awesome pics!
And a big thanks to Jack and all the fellow LOW STANDARDS guys for making this event huge
and a blast for everyone. Plus, props on always upping the bar and making these meets what they are.
Still taking quality picture entrees from all users.
Much more to come!



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  1. can u guys let me know when the next meet is . i recently purchesed the miata the bret did the stance work on ( the grey one with 0 offset xxr 002’s.please email me at sxystud2000@gmail.com

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