Oklahoma Stance Meet #3 Part 2 – Low Standards 2012

Welcome Back to the second half of the coverage from the 3rd stance meet.

Cars came from near and far. The majority seemed to be Tulsa and Oklahoma City and some Mustang and Mdub folks came out as well.
I’m really feeling this Genesis. Super low, super clean – and doing fitment on a stock body just right.
If you see yourself pictured, give us a shout-out in the comments section and maybe ill email you back for free stickers.

It was a warm and sunny day here in the 405. The turnout was huge! (considering where we live)
After the last event where we ran out of room, finding a new spot was a must.
I think we did that pretty well and had plenty of room for everyone to come show out.
Check out TeddyP riding on them thangz like a BO$$!

I can’t get enough of this 350. Those shiny Vossen’s sparkle so brilliantly in the sunlight.

This ek looks really nice and clean with these Privats. These wheels  always look good on civics.

Britt’s Genesis is still on fire! I never get tired of seeing thing. It looks so killer with the new front lip.

Big props for Friction Motorsports coming out and bringing their LS powered vert.

Big props and thanks to Tony for coming out and repping hard for OKC and DIVERSE

Thanks again to anyone and everyone who came out and supported.
These events could be possible without a lot of work from all the Low Standards guys.
I can’t tell you how crazy to get all this love and support seeing how things were just two years ago.
Keep upping the bar and do your research! And as always, stay tuned for more stanced news and events.



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  1. When is the next meet?

  2. Shout out to my boy James at Jt photography and mt photography and ok stance great work everyone ..

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