Cupcake Meet 13: Cup Cakin’ For A Cure – Oklahoma City 2012

Thanks to everyone who ventured out at Crossroads mall here in Oklahoma City!
Of course the event was the Cupcake Meet 13 as a benefit show to raise money for CF-Solutions in memory of Cody Sheets.
This event was a huge turnout for an Oklahoma show. So big infact, that the event made the local news.
This wouldn’t have been possible without all the crews from Texas and Kansas like squirrel squad and Lower Class.
A big thanks Cupcake Meet as a whole for coming here, NOS, Friction Motorsports,
and of course all of my Oklahoma OG’s who are always down for the cause like Low Standards.

I loved how all the crews and fans came out to mingle and support the cause, as well as one another.
It’s amazing to see more guys coming together all for the sake of fitment and to raise money.
I can’t describe how seeing this feels compared to the maybe 10 stanced cars in the state, back in 2010.
The fact that we are doing this here and now just shows that we are now on the map. Congrats Oklahoma!

So without more blabbing about how choked up i am for this to all be happening here, let’s get on with the pictures.
Check out these awesome xB’s all in a row. Struting their stuff and showing how they love living the low life.

PART 1 – leggo!

Tran the man, what you got cooking playa?!

I love all the great work van puts into his rides. You can’t deny that his Benz is a neck snapper.

I couldn’t get enough of either of these Civics. All my new stanced honda friends have converted me for a new love of these.

Be looking out for the meanest EG in the states!!!!!! Defiantly in Oklahoma, at the very least. Keep up the INSANE work Tyler.

Hamidur’s car has come such a long way since the very first few posts back in 2010 as seen HERE.

I’ve never seen a celica like this one. i hate them no longer. this pushes it out of the chick category for me. would be awesome for a girl stance project still!

I’m pretty sure this is the most beautiful thing i have ever laid eyes on! Brought to you by Low Standards of OKC.

Britt and Nekos Gen lookin boss as always. Pictures never seem to do the wheels justice.

Check out these SEXY wagons! Legacy and Accord wagons look awesome slammed.

Hope everyone enjoyed the show as much as i did, and be on the lookout for part 2 of the coverage coming soon!


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