Tony Tran’s Tasty S2000

Don’t you hate it when every car you see look’s the same?
Not just stock cars, but modded ones too. Slammed on stock wheels? So Boring.
Now what happens when you got some style and have the desire to stand out?
You make the car pop with poke and drop! How about a bright yellow and stanced s2k?
Brought to you by long time stanced OKC local, Tony Tran.
This is one of the VERY few fellas who’s been in the game since it all started here.
He’s out of his IS300 and now he’s stuntin hard in his new Honda.

Breaking necks isn’t as easy as it seems – you gotta put in work.
Rolling and pulling fenders is an art that most people fail at.
Getting the right wheel sizes, offset, and tire sizes takes a lot of research.

If you wanna see more of this gorgeous Honda, click the more link below this picture.
It’s got style, simplicity, aggression, and most of all – personality.
Keeping it mostly stock – yet making it one of a kind and stunning.
No, his lip is dragging the ground. No, his wheels weren’t $3000. But it’s done right, which is most important overall.

So say you get your car fitted right, then you hit me up for a shoot.
What’s next? Well, we set up a time and place then – CLEAN YOUR RIDE.

Bringing this brightly colored s2k down to the ground is a set of Stance GR+ coilovers. Looks perfect for an aggressive daily driver if you ask me.

That front looks ready to drop in an intercooler, Tony!

Then you better get that OKstance sticker on just right!

Now, once you get all that straight – you find a spot to shoot and get down.
For our spot, we chose a back alley with a crazy sky to add to the backdrop.
Having the car match up with the SLOW sign and pillars worked out perfectly.

Repping team DIVERSE and always repping Oklahoma proudly.

For wheels – there are so many options out there for the budget stancer.
For Tony, the mesh face of the XXR 521s stood out in his mind for a great looking wheel that wouldn’t break the bank.
Riding on 18x10s all the way around, he fitted them with 225/35 fronts and 225/40 rears.
I don’t think he could have made them fit any better. No wheel gap and tucking tire to perfection.

I hope everyone out there enjoys his car as much as i do.
If you see him out there riding those rough Oklahoma roads, let him know you .
Chunk the deuce, wave, or honk to show your appreciation. Soo many haters out there!



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  1. What u have to do to make it fit i have a candy apple red s2 and wanted to get those rims and polish it

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