Brittany’s Beauty and Beast Genesis 2.0T

It’s not very often that you see a car modified to suite those with a need for speed and to scrape pavement.
Function and form is a fairly common concept in the drift world, but most car enthusiasts stick to one or the other.
In this case, we have a low but extra quick 2010 Hyundai Genesis 2.0T coupe. Fully flush with power to boot.

Who needs to know what tire brand or size you are running when you look this good! Sidewall is so over-rated.
This sits so perfect for a spirited daily driver. Low enough to have a stand out stance but can tackle most roads normally.

Obviously the first thing you notice are the bright pink wheels that scream at you through all the black and carbon fiber.
Brittany went with an aggressive and what i would call perfect daily setup for any kind of driving you can throw at it.
For the wheels, Varrstoen 3.3.2’s were chosen. Sized in 19×9.5+22F 19×10.5+22R with tires sizes of 235/30F 245/40R.

As you saw above, this Genesis comes stock with gorgeous Brembo brakes in a red just as crisp and bright as the wheels.
Everything on the car screams awesome. I can’t decide if its the wheel color or the blow off valve sound that i love more!

Complimenting this front end to get things a little lower to the ground is a MSR front lip, painted to match of course.
The lines, colors, and styling flow perfectly smooth and compliment the aggressive and sporty theme carried throughout.

On to what all this comes down to – the get low parts! For this genesis, the one and only, BC coilovers.
What other brand would you go with? Catering everyone from VIP rides to full on track cars, BC offers the best of both worlds.

To not just keep this a two-tone battle of black vs pink, Brittany got some carbon fiber to spice things up a bit.
Chosen to give it the stand out look, a VIS Racing AMS carbon fiber hood and custom carbon fiber grill shine through.
What really makes a car stand out? Stance? Speed? Color Scheme? Carbon fiber? High performance parts?
To answer that question simply, yes. And this Genesis has it all. A complete package, tuned to perfection.

This isn’t just a show toy or slow driven daily driver. This Genesis is tuned for 24psi!
Adding some extra tuner bits to further add to this art piece are and HKS bov and Dyno Jet CMD tuner.
Though i don’t have any specific dyno numbers for you – i can assure you this thing picks up and goes.
Hearing a loud blow off valve always turns heads. How confused will they be turning around to this?

To add some more growl to this beast, a 3″ downpipe and MXP catback exhaust was added for that smooth flow.
I really should have got a video clip to add on to truly show you how nice it sounds. Can i get a ride?!
It sounds great at idle or crusing down NW Expressway, but it really stands out shifting through gears.
I could go on all day about how low or fast it is but it all just comes down to one word – AWESOME!

Big thanks to Neko Bush and Brittany Yarholar for letting me shoot this – finally!
Be on the looking for an upcoming shoot done by James Tippet Photography.


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