Putting In Work – Tyler Williams’ 1992 EG

Work hard, play hard – that’s the name of the game when you are super slammed and super fitted.
Everything on the road is your enemy. Every dip, pothole, and curb must be avoided at all costs.
Oklahoma has a few veterans in the fitment game that have been doing it since 2010 and beyond.
My favorite of those has to be Tyler Williams. Everyone remembers his humble Diamond Racing wheel setup here.
Going through oil pans, break-ins, and some mechanical issues from that were just some of his overcomings.
Now, after getting the new paint, new wheels, and more camber than ever – his setup is flawless.
Though he is hardly ever satisfied for very long – it outdoes what most cars dream to do with their fitment.
So now, may I officially introduce you to the new, and much improved, ’92 VX Civic.

First, before I tell you about the wheels, I’m going to focus on the performance aspects a bit.
Tyler’s original motor went out with pride after smashing the oil pan against the oil pickup, and he decided on a JDM B16A with LSD Y21 transmission and Hasport mounts to take it’s place.
And just to add to the difficulty of driving this car, a TWM short throw shifter keeps those gears super close.

To round off the performance, he uses a P28 ECU w/ Hondata S300. He didn’t stop with just swapping out the motor and ECU, though.
For some extra oomph and roar, he upgraded to a Password:JDM intake, 5Zigen header, Skunk2 test pipe, and Buddy Club Spec II exhaust.

Outside, it has shaved emblems, antenna, washer nozzles, front plate mounts, and hatch keyhole. So subtle you hardly notice.
It’s hard to tell in pics, but a beautiful multi-stage coating of Aston Martin Morning Frost White was chosen for the paint job. The visual add-ons are really simple and subtle, but make a big impact on how the car looks overall, be it parked or rolling. He has added an SiR front lip and Spoon duckbill spoiler with a new set of discontinued Vision mirrors on the way to replace his stock setup.
The headlights are a rare find, too, being the UKDM smooth glass, power-adjustable units (6000k HIDs) with the OEM Stanley clear corner lights. Inside is next on the list, but for now it’s just stock pieces left and tons of stuff gutted.
I remember riding on the way back from Cupcake meet in Houston and getting pulled over and searched.
The cop seemed really dissapointed that there wasn’t much to search since the entire rear interior is gone.

The next attention to detail is one of the most important if you are going with any sort of menacing stance, and that is of course, suspension.
To achieve this look, he’s using Koni SP3 struts with Ground Control coilover sleeves – 6″  850 lb/in F & 6″  600 lb/in r springs.
To get those extra lows, there was no other choice in mind but to get Ground Control extended tophats all around.
For alignment, it has modified Omni camber arms in the front and rear, as well as Hardrace toe arms in the rear.  Go big or go home.

Then lastly, it has the right footwork to get the proper respect it deserves. Though his previous setup still fit more than proper.
Finally, Tyler waited and waited and got what he always wanted. Work Meister S1s, in 15×8.5″ -8 up front & 15×10″ -5 rear.  OMG!
And to compliment the wheels and allow the closest fitment, he went with 165/45s fronts and 195/45 rear tires.
For these, he had to order some one-off center caps from a guy in Australia and Work RS lugs to finish off the look to the T. Well done, chap.

I love seeing the blue anodized ASR subframe brace from the rear. It pops out from the white and matches the lugnuts nicely.
He also got an ASR swaybar and endlinks, plus the Function7 lower control arms. With all that, the fitment is dialed in for insane levels of perfection.

Huge thanks goes out to Tyler for the great pics and for all the detailed info. I miss our hooligan misadventures – we’ll have to catch up soon. Can’t wait to see what you have in the future for this, your Tiburon, and your Miata.


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  1. Wow, this EG is super clean, perfect wheel choice!

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