Breaking the Mold – Legacy Wagon

I look around and i see a lot of the same cars. Same models and styles everywhere.
Okay, you got it stanced. But even then, there is still a lot of repetition among Civics, 350z, and BMWs.
How about something you don’t see fitted very often anywhere – let alone in Oklahoma.
Introducing this 1996 Subaru Legacy owned by Lorenzo from Oklahoma City.
The car isn’t immaculate with super expensive parts, but it looks cool and its different.

The wheels are a modest set of Stern ST-11’s in 18×8.5+35 with 215/35 tires.

Bringing it closer to the ground is a set of WRX coilovers from an 02.
Yeah, it could be lower. Yeah, it could get a GT lip kit. Does it need it? Not really!

The really only other modding done was to add a JDM turbo front grill and mini fusa. Simple and sweet.


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