Lowerclass – Max Krubsack’s Civic

When i created OKSTANCE after getting into the stance scene in 08-09, i opted
to give an outlet to like minded enthusiasts who would otherwise never get exposure.
Originally I just wanted to rep for Oklahoma and lift it up on my shoulders to give us a spot in the stance scene.
Since then I’m seeing more and more awesome cars in the central/southern states
that are ignored and looked over, mainly because of the vastness of our scene.
In this instance, i found Max Krubsac and his gorgeous 2002 Civic in the state of Kansas.
He is a very talented photographer in addition to having such a tasteful Honda.
For obvious reasons, I wouldn’t feel right letting such talent be ignored.
So expect to see more from him and others in our region!
You can check out more of Max’s work on his blog  HERE.

The first thing i want to highlight is the simple yet stylish interior. Vip influences are always a great touch.

-Revo Short shifter
-9k racing bubble knob
-Suede wrapped A,B,C pillars
-Grip Royal wood grain steering wheel

-NRG quick release
-Momo base hub
-04-05 civic gauge cluster
-Junction Produce kin tsuna & fusa knots

This fitment is spot on. Not a ton of camber. Tucking tire, right above the lip with a slight poke.
He slammed his civic using Raceland coilovers with custom rate 6″ springs.
Raceland is a very functional, affordable option for aftermarket suspension with great US customer support.
You can slam the car to the ground for most models and usually have some level of dampening and camber plates.
To be able to dial in his fitment to the perfect specs – he got custom extended Hotchkis front camber plates.
Modifying this already track proven suspension just makes it that more impressive and functional for an aggressive stance.

The aggressive look of this car doesn’t just end with the right wheel and tire setup.
The exterior mods Max’s has done adds  just the right amount of flair and style to break an ample number of necks.
To give it a more unique tone and look, he got custom 2.25 inch exhaust from catback to custom exhaust tip.

-Oem Aero front lip
-Oem Aero side skirts
-Weathertech window visors
-30% tint
-Black housing headlights
-6k HID’s
-[used to have carbon fiber hood]

Putting the word CLASS in lowerclass, is the set of wheels Max decided to go with.
SSR Vienna 17×8 +12 in the front – 17×9 +12 in the rear.
Wrapping his wheels in 205/40’s all around allow for maximum grip and clearance in one.

Be expecting a lot of new things coming out of  Kansas and of Max Kruback’s photography.
Go like the LC facebook page to keep updated on all things stance and/or Kansas.


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