Basil’s Neckbreaker Benz



It’s no easy task to get your car to where you want it on your first time around of modding, adding,  and subtracting things.
With that said, I introduce Basil’s amazing results of his first stage with modding on his 2009 Mercedes-Benz C350.
With new bumper already on since the shoot – he has new suspension, wheels, along with more carbon fiber goodies on the way that will be for phase 2.
I’m pretty confident in saying that by summer, this car will hardly be recognizable as the car you see before you now.


At the time of this shoot, Basil was just getting his rear roof spoiler installed and the new front bumper was waiting to be put on.
Obviously, i couldn’t wait to show off what amazing work he had already put into this first stage of his car – with multiple more to come I’m sure.
All the parts you see installed are from Mercedes. The only other name brand on his car are the H&R springs, which will be upgraded soon to BC.


This trunk setup is from Digital Designs of Oklahoma City (DDAUDIO) who i’ve heard nothing but good about. Hit them up if you need beats for your Benz.


Since coming from the world of Rovers – I’m really glad Basil has run into the world of fitment and extreme styling.
I can’t wait to setup another shoot a few months down the line when this will be come one of a kind in a whole other way. Time to step your game up fellas.


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