VIP Grocery Getter | Vang’s 04 Scion xB

As a father, you will have to put plans on hold or put them off for family comes first. That goes for anything from sports to hanging out with friends, clubbing to going out to bars, or building your dream car. For Vang Houa Xiong, being a family man he had to put his car on hold while he raises his two sons. Slowly but surely he was still putting work into his car for the passion never died. Vang has been building his 2004 Scion xB for the past 2 years and finally has it to where he is satisfied


After 2 years of building he has finally scrapped up enough parts to set off the stance that he has been going for. Ranging from JDM Toyota bb parts to Custom parts, everything just fell into place. Nothing feels better than seeing a finished project after years of hard work. Vang’s xB is slammed on Ksport Coils and 03 Crown Vic air shocks on the rear, so therefore he is static and air! For the love of chrome, custom chrome front grill and fender trims, Junction Produce Hood emblem, and JDM Toyota bb chrome mirror covers for the VIP look.


3Real or knock off wheels, if you can pull them off right anything will look good. In this case Vang decided to run on Rotiform BLQ’s in 17X8 +30 for the slick and unique style. No low or crazy offset and stretch here but sure is fitted nicely. You don’t need crazy camber or wide wheels to look good just need to know how to fit everything properly.


Vang has put a lot into this xB, not just the exterior but interior. Every little bit of detail sets this xB apart from the rest. He has always been inspired by the VIP look so he took in ideas from other VIP enthusiasts and rigged up a style of his own. Clazzio seat covers, VIP table, JDM bb white center console, JDM bb crystal knobs, Junction Produce seat cushions, Junction Produce shifter cover, Orataro Boo Boo door locks, Avenue Performance wood grain steering wheel, LED lights all around, and custom wrapped interior. Just sitting in this xB makes you never want to get out, so nice and comfy! Luxury car or not it sure looks and feels like one on the inside.

6Tired of seeing the same set up and same tail lights on all the other xB’s Vang decided to try out the VIP look by going with the cleared Sonar LED tail lights. To set the rear off, Vang put on the FAB style Rear wing for its big and sleek style. Also went with the OEM Toyota Badges instead of Scion badges.

78Vang’s future plans are to get wider and more aggressive wheels, more jdm goodies, and more VIP interior parts. The build never ends but for now this is how it sits. More parts and updates coming soon so stay on the lookout for this Grocery Getting VIP xB in your Tulsa and OKC area! Shout out to HFD (Hella Fass Dooo) Nation wide and S.L.O Crew (Style.Low.Offset) from Tulsa Oklahoma. Vang started S.L.O Crew back in Spring of 2012 for the love of the scene and to try and spread the scene here in Oklahoma. The crew has grown bigger and badder since so be on the look out for S.L.O Crew in 2013!



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