Javi’s 8th Gen Civic

As some of you may have noticed riding around your local streets, the scene here is finally progressing and evolving.
Some are progressing in pushing the mixture of function and form to become more aggressive yet simple still in theory.
Others are evolving what we thought were possible on our “awful roads” that are arguably worse than other cities (like everywhere else).
Changing the game and the landscape for a platform locally or internationally by a small stance blog showing off some local rides.
Perhaps since we get view from around 30 countries regularly a month, we could say Oklahoma is having Global influences.

The civic you’ve been eyeing with your cocked sideways belongs to my friend and official rep, Javi Garcia.
He has come a long way since he bought this car just one year ago and rocking just a drop with some modest wheels.
The thing that I love about his style is that its always evolving. That’s a trait that we call STEEZE. Get you some kids.
Since his first set of BBS wheels, he has been very loyal.  Going  through them one by one, Javi  is now on his 4th set of these classic wheels.
Mixing the timeless styling of his various wheels with the potentially aggressive nature of the lines on the civic has obviously become a passion.

Carbon fiber roof wrap
HFP front Lip
NRG Quick release steering wheel
Megan header Mugen twin loop exhaust w/ gold plated stinger tip
Black and white plaid interior with leather arm rest
Skunk2 weighted shoft nob & short shifter
BBS Rs 17×9 +12 all around ( aka real xxrs )
Front license plate relocator by password jdm
Hood spacers
Password jdm quick release bumper kit

IMG_9780 IMG_9782 IMG_9786

Then, suddenly, we have a whole new car.  Fast forward a few months, and this car has made a complete transformation with more to come.
Javi wasn’t content with his car and isn’t for very long.  For a passionate enthusiast –  the vision is never complete for very long.
After going to a recent Cupcake Meet in Texas, the front end got smashed up and a new beginning was started.
The whole paint scheme and even the wheels were flipped around a complete 360 and now we have this neckbreaker you see before you.
Even at this stage – Javi is not satisfied. A new, cleaner color scheme for the wheels and body are in the works.
Love it or hate it, you can’t deny how the tame or aggressive setup’s both break necks for their own reasons. IMG_9697
If you lean more towards the clean stance or the alien beast you see before you now – there is a style that is right for everyone.
The normal progression seems to either stance it and keep going more aggressive or pack your shit up and go back to stock.
Some guys are out there to push the scene and others just weren’t as up for it as they may have thought initially.

BBS Rs 17×9.5 +8 rear +15 front
09 front end conversion
Mugen side skirts
Mugen rear lip conversion (sedan lip modded) with third brake light
Nrg bucket seats
Broadway Mirror

                    Big thanks to Javi for everything he does for us and Johnny for the awesome pictures! Until next time..



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