Local Celebrity – Travis Bishop’s S15

Though speedhunters beat me to it – i feel like this feature needs a reiteration for obvious reasons.
From a built WRX to this unicorn S15, originally from F&F Tokyo Drift, Travis Bishop is one lucky SOB.
This is obviously a dream car for any JDM lover, drift lover, stance lover, and so on..but its so much more.
This represents not just a dream, but hard work, blood, sweat, and tears it took for him to get this car.
Having to give up your baby that you built from the ground up is never easy or fun to do.

Thank you so much to Travis for Oklahoma plating his s15 when he easily could have left as is and never pay for tags again.
BIG shout-out to speedhunters for showing Oklahoma so much love on this feature!
Check out all the specs and pictures on the full feature at the link below!
All photocredits go to Larry Chen


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