Bayu’s TL-S || Why so serious??

Why are there so many unwritten rules in the car scene?
Why do others tend to judge you based on your car mods more than they do the person?
This 2007 TL type S used to be a very serious looking, VIP styled ride with polished 19s.
Now, adding a bright color that pops, that gives many purists something to whine and gripe about.
But, why so serious?? What’s wrong with having fun with your car and being different?

As car enthusiasts, why do the mods, yet alone the color of our mods really matter to anyone else?
Im sure even the president has some days to goof off and just have fun living in the moment.
Actually – If you look really closely, you might see the president himself in attendance..

This TL-S has alot of very subtle mods that made it a very sleek, clean, yet aggressive example of beauty.
Previously rolling on polished 19×9.5/19×11 wheels with a lot of stretch, this is defiantly a new look for Bayu.
If you hadn’t noticed, a previous picture of it can be found just a post down from this one on the blog.

For his first items the checklist, it had to have full OEM type S lip kit and rear tails from a base model TL.
Secondly, we all know a little roof and trunk spoilers go a long way with giving a car personality.
Along with some presidential 5% tint, these subtle mods create a little contrast to your normal TL or TL-S.

Now to the good stuff. WHEEL SPECS! Any of you familiar with XD9 specs you might already have guessed.
These Work Emotion XD9’s are a custom candy teal with a clean and modest setup that has just the right amount of aggression.
Specs for them are 18×10+18 all around with matching 215/40s to give just the right amount of meat vs stretch for daily driving.

Yes, you heard me right. This thing is daily driven all over Oklahoma City.
A tip he gave us for taking those 30 mins drives one way to work…”drive slow.”
I know its common most places but the roads and highways here in the city are dangerous to say the least.
So for this one fact that it’s his daily, shows me how dedicated his love is for his car.

For coilovers, Bayu chose TEIN for their obvious quality without sacrificing all of his driveability.
Some other notable mods would be Brembo rotors, 10K fog lights and a Recaro child saftey seat.
A lesser noticed one would have to be the EZ lip up front to protect the type-S kit from harm.

He told me a few reasons his car looks how it does now.
“I love the way the wheels poke from the fenders and just the overall stance.
I see a lot of cars going toward the VIP look and wanted something different.
This year i will play with some bright color but will probably go back to VIP style next year.
This car is built for myself – not for others approval.”
What it all comes down to is it’s your car so have fun with it and love it.

Check out our facebook for updates on STANCE MEET IV meet coming up May 4th from 2-5pm.


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