We had our first official stance meet this year at Lake Hefner in sunny Oklahoma City on Sunday, May 4th.
I was not expecting such a great turnout but thanks to all of you, your love, and support – it was a huge success!
Thanks to all of you who submitted pictures on the event’s facebook page. Here are just some of your awesome submissions.

Biggest shout out of all time goes to Adam for setting this meet up for us!
As you can see, it is hard work keeping the crowd rioting to a minimum…

As always, we have some great event pics from none other than HOUA VUE!

Now onto some other photos by Gentry Images, Lnd Photogarphy, Mindless Photography, & Mejia Photography.

We had a super nice Lexus turnout! From LS, GS, and IS and even an ISF.

Love Basil’s Benz

That LS swapped 350 tho…

Neko in the Gen looking fly as always

Mickey sitting pretty

A to the Z on VIP Modulars

Jason Underwood’s gorgeous Silvia

Houa’s bagged civic

Sup Mike!

Carlos’ EF feature coming soon!

Thanks again to everyone for making this such a huge success and such a blast despite the high temps and blasting wind.
Shout out to all the family, friends, and photographers for making this all possible in Oklahoma of all places!


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