Carlos Munoz’s EF Civic Hatch

Love and passion are two things any enthusiasts have to feel on any car they build.
If you don’t have love for your car – you probably wouldn’t bother spending money on it.
If you there is no passion felt toward your car – you probably won’t even keep it very long.

Carlos Munoz has plenty of Love and passion for this old hatchback of his – and big props for doing something different!
So much of its attitude presents itself because of a never-ending need to improve and reflect Carlos’ personality.
We all have our one weakness that is a money-pit in our lives. Whether it be women, cars, or clothes.
Just so happens, in this case, that money-pit happens to be this fun, sporty 91 EF hatchback.

The biggest mod (also the mod he is the most proud of) is the Automatic to 5 speed swap to the D15b2 motor – for more spirited driving, of course.
One of my favorite mods on this hatch, other than the wheels, is the SiR wing mated with the J’s Racing wing. It just can’t help but to stand out.
Some of the other stylish, yet subtle mods i first noticed were the gt style side mirrors and broadway rearview mirror for that little extra JDMness.

The rest of the exterior of the car is fairly stock minus some slight fender mods and Toyota FJ cruiser Sandstorm paint, which i can’t help but to love. Obviously the suspension needed some mods to make this hatch ride with a more aggressive, wide stance – especially to be able to use it as a daily driver.
To take care of the wheel fitment, blox rear camber kit and blox lower control arms were installed to help it sit just right and rub as little as possible.
And despite the original hood flying up on the highway – the front end still looks great with clear corner lenses, GTI front lip, and a BWR quick release kit.

Now, onto the good stuff! You wouldn’t immediately guess these Rota Kyusha’s are 15×9+0 by how well they sit on this tiny car wrapped in 165/50R15 tires.
Without having fitted small diameter wheels on a project car before – i can’t fathom the effort it takes to get a 165 tire onto a 9″ wide wheel and drive on it.
Never the less, Carlos took the EF to another level by slamming it with Ground Control springs, extended Ground Control top hats, and Koni yellow shocks.

Despite the exterior heavy focus of this feature – the interior is really amazing and well done for a car of this age and goes as follows:
Si speaker pods
Si rear seats
Integra center console
Bride vios III front seats
Front Sparco 5 point harness
NRG quick release and NRG woodgrain steering wheel
Woodgrain shiftknob

Big shout out goes to the homie Johnny Velasco at Mindless Photography for the great pics and Carlos for letting us finally feature his work in progress.
It shouldnt matter if you are modding a $500 car or a $50,000 – the goal stays the same. Be unique, be aggressive, and do it for yourself – not everyone else.
Keep an eye out for more from Johnny and Mindless in the future and don’t let this little hatch sprain your neck too badly when you see it driving by.


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