COFFEE & CARS OKC – 4/4/15

Welcome back for that time of the month all us car guys actually get excited about.
Cars & Coffee is every first saturday of the month at NorthPark Mall in OKC.
I would say there are 3 main objectives of the day that will be covered today.
Washing your car, the “roll in”, and the walk around.
The first and most important step is going to the car wash to get cleaned off.
Some people spend hours detailing their daily or just dusty off their garaged beauty.
Either way, dressing to impress is a vital step for most people who attended C&C.

The second event that people look forward to the “roll in” or entrance to C&C.
It’s always entertaining seeing all the different styles and types of cars that show up.
From here, they ride around hoping and praying for a spot next to car buddies.
Showing up early is a vital step in getting a good spot for you or your crew.

Next after you’ve found your ideal spot – or spot in the middle of nowhere (if late),
is what i like to call, “the walk around” or doing laps, to checkout all the other rides.
There’s everything: daily drivers, weekend toys, custom projects, american mustle, ratrods, and exotics.

Thanks to Eugenio Mejia for the amazing additional photos!


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