IFO NOBLE 4/12/15

We all love car shows even if we don’t win anything.
Oklahoman’s flock to Import Face-Off in hopes of some recognition.
Many builders walk away feeling disappointed and others go home with trophies.
It would be nice if everyone got an award but opinions are biased – like it or not.
We try to bring you as many Oklahoman’s and events as possible.
This one in particular is open to debate but tons of people attend annually.
Thanks to Mejia Photography and Dylan James Baker for the photos!
1979230_10152692425921898_8691076827298459411_o 10011939_10152692426596898_478952477747800179_o 10982168_10152692425141898_9068340224194362820_o 11055288_10152692425151898_3497971086110238267_o 11103026_10152692423986898_5967530149575395936_o 11127895_10152692425411898_7621546750790663519_o 11129337_10152692424066898_1508998120860145831_o 11141316_10152692423496898_5855258203758898547_o 11154634_10152692425566898_2965827819923670596_o 11154710_10152692423916898_2986812560304964548_o 11146405_10152692423471898_6028889047599194562_o


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