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Ladies and gentlemen, i would like to introduce you to the most classy GS300 in Oklahoma. This beautiful ride is owned by TEAM DIVERSE member, Steve Vu. He is no amateur in the game, owning a clean and aggressive Civic and 350Z prior to this gorgeous 06 Lexus GS300 you see before you.

Firstly, you might be asking yourself, “Is it bagged or static?” The simple answer is – both! Switching over to the darkside halfway through the shoot – you can definatly tell the difference in the pictures by which ones are tucking. Justin huuwee LE over at Kustomz Unlimited Inc installed the UAS bags, Air lift autopilot v2 management.  They decided on running a Viair dual compressor with a seamless tank with this setup and i have to say it all looks amazing.  Justin did say he had to fab the front suspension to clear the bags and work with Steve’s AWD system – so big props go to him for hooking up Oklahoman’s on some of the best products and support in the industry.



This beautiful setup for this AWD neckbreaker is a square setup of GMR Wheels with staggered offsets. Specifically, they are 19×10.5 +15/+2 with 235/35 tires all around. I can’t say the setup could get much cleaner! Just the perfect amount of camber to tuck but the specs aren’t tame in the least. To further separate himself from the pack, he got them with a brush copper face, gold bolts, and that gorgeously polished, step-lip. The fitment on this thing is seriously perfect!


11154620_820096321401560_3539691523320383087_o 10841962_820096368068222_8044215548270420519_o
Steve hasn’t had this car very long, but has already made leaps and bounds toward making it an award winning ride (which it already has a trophy or two). All of its detail pieces and current mods, pretty much cover the basics of VIPSTYLE 101. Along with the wheels and air-ride, he has some Junction produce goodies including pillows and curtains and continued that trend by adding a front tray and back table for his passenger. Like icing on the cake, it wouldn’t be complete without that white fusa from the rearview mirror to tie it all together.
Huge shout out goes to Steve Vu for letting us feature his ride and for most of the pictures. Another huge thanks goes out to Jeremy Davis at for the additional pictures and amazing video!


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