Most of my friends have been met in the car scene.
Usually some laid-back jokester with a toy or two in the garage.
I wouldn’t say many of them take life too serious and just has a passion for cars.
Well, i can’t say all of them are actually cars but also motorcycles or even scooters.
Whether you have an american chopper, a Japanese bike, or even a Ruckus –
you appreciate the freedom of only having two wheels between you and the earth.
The feeling of your whole body being rushed with air, surrounding you,
is like that of flying and nothing else really compares to it.

While we have never featured a truck or bike on OKSTANCE.COM yet,
we are ready to change that here and now.
I present these gorgeous scooters owned by Colton Tubre and Hunter Thephachanh
Please send us your streched bikes, scooters, or even your chopped up rat bike!
I hope you all our readers and followers out there
keep inspiring others and being inspired by others.
That’s what keeps our scene going and evolving constantly.
Like Hunter explained to me, his build is never done and will always be different.
And like many of us can relate to, our car builds seem to be never-ending as well.

The mod list on these things are longer than the lists on some of my friends cars.
If the amount of parts, money, and work put into these
isn’t impressive enough for you, then i dont know what will be.
Building any automotive project takes time
and passion that I, for one, do not take for granted.
Turning a simple scooter into a custom, one of a kind Rukus, is no easy feat.
Thanks so much guys for letting me show off your projects and we’re
looking forward to feature more projects like these in the future.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

And of course, a huge thanks goes to @jojoferrer for the picture’s and video!

2012 Blue Honda Ruckus
GY6 Motor Swapped
Compismo GY6 Uber Fatty
Stance Mount Low Boy Shock
DownStar Billet Dressup Hardware Kit
Bike Pegs
GasTank Cover
Ncy Lowering Seat Frame
Diamond Stitching Seat Cover
Password Jdm Handlebars
Password Jdm Handlebar Stem
Ncy Throttle Bitwell Thruster Grip
CNC Billet Control Levers
Stage 6 Control Setup
RRGS / Adelin 4 Piston Big Brake Kit
RRGS Drag Front Forks
GY6 Rear Dual Hub 4×4
Complete Front Hub (with rotor adapter)
Shinko White Wall Tire (120/70/12)(130/70/12)
Talladega Wheels (GY6) (12×8-rear)(12×4-front)
Overhead GY6 GP Exhaust (DorbyWorks)
Drowsports (CF) Neck Guard
Drowsports (CF) Rear Frame Cap
Drowsports (CF) Cup Holder
Drowsports (CF) Battery Box
Paint Guard
Blue Forged Extended Lug Nuts
Led Stripes
Custom LT_Design Paint Job

2013 White Honda Ruckus
Gy6 150cc Engine
Mojo Fatty Mount
11 Pole Stator
Low Boy Rear Shock
RRG Low Front Forks
NCY Front Disk Brake
LED light bar headlight
Stage 6 Handle Bar Controls
Gas Tank Cover
Painted Frame
Password JDM Foot pegs
Password JDM Brake Light
FMF Exhaust
Full Front Hub
4X4 Rear Hub
Mesh XS Wheels Front 12×4 Rear 12×8
Avon Rear Tire
Yuanxing Low Pro Front Tire


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