SCARLET||Justin Lyons’ 2013 VW JETTA GLI

unnamed (18)
We are so excited to introduce you some new locals to our scene here in Oklahoma.
These two you see in front of you today are owner, Justin Lyons,
and his gorgeous and tasteful red Jetta GLI, aptly named Scarlet.
The passion behind this build is much more than meets the eye.
There is so much heart and passion behind this car, he had to name it.
It makes perfect sense to name your car if it is truly a part of your family.
This red GLI is defiantly that and more for TEAM DIVERSE member, Justin.

unnamed001 (8)
unnamed01 (8)

unnamed1 (8)

Justin hasn’t always been a die hard, loyal VW fan all his life or for very long at that.
He said he’s actually a sucker for old accords but this one meant something special.
Justin’s own cousin had his life tragically cut short by a spineless bully.
Though that coward didn’t value all humans as equals – he just couldn’t win.
Being a huge Volkswagen fan – this car was build in his cousin’s honor and memory.

“The GLI has been a nightmare. Anything that could break, has broken… twice – But she’s my baby. Her name is scarlet and yes i do talk to her like a human.”
unnamed02 (8)
Just as any build – this one has been through various stages of progression.
It’s been on air-ride since the first few weeks of owning it and just grew from there.
Also, going i through several wheel setups from Bentley wheels to these Rotiforms.
But like most passionate enthusiasts, finished is not a word we use lightly.
Now that his motor is done, for now, he wants to really put the car to use.
For next year, Justin plans to track it and upgrade the brakes and aero accordingly.

unnamed111 (8)
unnamed11 (8)
“It was never meant to get where it is today. When i got to Oklahoma from PA, it just kinda blew up. I’m just a normal guy that anyone can talk to. When it comes to the scene, it’s more of me living the life in honor of one badass cousin”

Thanks to our friend Jonathan Ferrer for the badass photos!

Motor: 2.0 apr rods
acl bearing
jl pistons
arp hardware
port and polished head
ferrea vavles/ springs and retainer.

Bolt-ons: Eurojet turboback exhaust.
Ecs tuning poly motor mounts and trans mount.
Stage 5 spec clutch.
Custom short throw shifter
twn weighted shift knob
custom shift boot
custom carbonfiber shiftboot tray
Ecs tuning traction control button (jettas dont come with that)
custom front fenders (.75 inch wider) NOT ROLLED

Suspenion: Air lift performance series strut with camber plates
Double pillow airlift bags in the rear with bc racing struts.
Airlift v2 management with auto pilot.
Viair 444cc compressor w/ polished tank
notched frame

Other mods: Oem style custom dumby trunk
Vagcom reflash (deleted daytime running lights)
Leds in the light bar
Unitronic tune newsouth boost gauge and pod

Wheels: rotiform blqs powdercoated white 17×8.5 et30 wrapped in 205 40 neo gens


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