Cristian Hernandez’s 97 Honda Prelude

I really love a clean, lowered car with a wide, aggressive setup.
Don’t get me wrong – there are ways to do it wrong.
Have you ever seen someone with way to aggressive wheels
with a very soft suspension setup just totally ruin a good stock body?
Today i present to you another member of TEAM DIVERSE,
Cristian Hernandez of Oklahoma City and his 1997 BB6 Prelude.

The first thing that catches your eye, besides the bright red paint
are the gorgeous lines of the WORK VS-XX in pearl white.
They measure at 18×9+32 & rear 18×10+18 and meet the fenders perfectly.
The finish up the aggressive curves of the car, Cristian had a few choice
pieces for his lip kit. He used a Greddy front lip, Mugen style
side skirts, and OEM rear lip to give the car a clean, well-rounded look.

For stage one, the build has a stock motor with simple exhaust.
Stage two is going to be bigger and better but i can’t say why yet.
I think, honestly, my favorite mod here are those Red Recaro Seats.
They go so well with the car and just screams JDM STYLE!
Dialing in the suspension characteristics are a set of Yonaka coilovers
with SPC f/r camber bolts and Megan rear tow arms for the fine tuning.
Overall, a super stylish and classic look for an under-rated platform.

Look out for some major changes in 2016 from the whole diverse family!

For more from contributing photographers check them out below:


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  1. Hey what’s the name of that colour? Would love to know, beautiful car, can’t wait for updates

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