Welcome, to the year 2016 here in Oklahoma.
As a lot of new comers are just getting into the car scene,
many of the guys who have been doing this awhile
are either getting new projects or going into stage 2 or 3.

While the new-comers are learning the in’s and out’s
of owning and driving a modified car – some of the vets are
seeing how far they can push the envelope on the track or streets.

Much of what we do to our cars is usually a painful trial and error,
involving making small changes and progressing as our tastes evolve.
If you modify for daily driving or track days the love is all the same.
The love for building a car that represents you – basically, you on wheels.

Having first started the idea of OKSTANCE back in 2010,
we have seen the philosophies of what stance means to us
develop and evolve over the years into a true automotive art.
Some like to constantly push the boundaries , while others stick
to the simple, low and slow, methodology – and i love them both.

Automotive art, or rather, modifying a stock car into something new –
is itself, nothing new. But now, I see the limits as being never-ending.
All the styles and influences, from the old school simplicity all the way to futuristic spaceship infusions, they are all art in their own ways.
The times are changing – and Oklahoma is changing along side them.

Thanks to John Thach for letting us shoot his car in stage one
of his build, making this into the car he envisions it to be.

Check us out on FACEBOOK or instagram @OKLAHOMASTANCE



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  1. Does anyone know any shops that install lowering springs and such? Okc

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