Welcome to yet another installment of COFFEE & CARS in Oklahoma City.
Having this oddly warm weather, most couldn’t pass up coming out.
The usual array of cars, of all styles, came out to just be car enthusiasts.
From rat rods to supercars – there is something for everyone to enjoy.
Of course, the usual appearance of tuners and imports is to be expected.

Then you have the category of cars i like to refer to as dream cars.
Cars that i will probably never own but would love to drive.
If anyone wants to trade their supercar for my old import, let me know.

Lastly, there is always a large showing of classics or old-school rides.
In every way, shape and form possible – the older cars ooze personality and style.
I love seeing a clean older dream car or modified classic parked among all the newer ones.
An older car has so much more character these new models could ever dream of.
All the sharp lines of today, the old-schools had a much sleeker, rounded shape.

Hope to see you guys next time and don’t forget to follow us on FACEBOOK.


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