April 23rd Drift Practice||Kame Trick

I almost forgot to add the coverage from the last drift event in Stroud, OK.
These pictures are brought to you by a Friction Motorsports affiliate, Ben Craft.
Ben having been in Oklahoma for a short time has quickly dove deep into
the drift scene here but having previously been in Japan – this was a small taste of home.
Ben rides and shoots for a group called Kame Trick, which he started back in Japan.
KameTrick is an international driving team of all types: drift,  grip, and time attack. A group with a simple mission of building a family of drivers, improve driving techniques, and to help new drivers get started and develop their driving skills.
Follow them on facebook and keep an eye out for Ben in his red s13 out at Stroud or in OKC.

And to add to the awesomeness that Ben is bringing to Oklahoma,
he does a little photography as you might have noticed.
All these pictures were taken by him and he somehow
found the time in his busy schedule to make a video.
So if you enjoy the content you see here today,
please support your local enthusiast! Like and follow
the KAMETRICK FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE pages for more!


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