Finally, we had another meet in OKC. With the seasonal rains being a bit late this year, we had to push the meet to July. As you could expect, it was very hot but we had a good breeze to keep things somewhat tolerable. We had a really great turnout, so good that we’re adding another meet in October. The cars are a huge aspect of these events, and everyone has really stepped up their game but – the true meaning of these was alive and well. The coming together of all different car enthusiasts, to talk to like minded brothers and sisters in the car community, and to join as one. I was so excited to see everyone mingling, laughing, telling stories, and coming together as one big car family. Most have their own circle of friends but as usual, there were no fights, drama, or mustang mishaps. Now, just click on an image below and enjoy!

Thank you so much to everyone for supporting, even if you couldn’t make it. As you can see, the style and aggression of our small scene has grown tremendously. I’m so proud to have seen it grow from its humble beginnings, spreading all over our state – to the point where we can have big meets like this. So keep modding, and don’t let anyone dictate the style of your car. Doing it for the love of it is the purest form of being a car enthusiasts, but doing it “for all the haters” is an acceptable reason also. See you soon!





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