Barry Trisdale’s Widebody FR-S||by Aero Media

Hey there! You’re probably wondering “Who’s Aero Media and why’s he posting on OKStance?”. Well let me introduce myself real quick! My name’s Franklin and I own Aero Media which is what started out as a freelance graphic design “company” and is now what I use as my photography name/page. I’m from Alabama and have been shooting since early 2013/late 2012. I reside in Altus, OK now but occasionally travel to OKC and Lawton to do photoshoots. My contact info will be at the bottom of the page if you’d like some photos or a feature.

Enough about me, let’s get started on this killer feature 😉

As you know, in the car scene there are always those few cars that immediately stand out from the group. Barry’s FR-S is one of those. I tried looking away but everytime I turned, it seemed to pull my eyes right back to it. Maybe it’s the stunning pearl, or the perfect fitment, or the fact that it’s a widebody FR-S with great fitment.
Anyways, I have been photographing cars since 2013 and I’ve never been so pulled to a car like this one.

Barry's Rocket Bunny Turbo FR-S

Let’s get to the details of this gorgeous build. This FR-S is always changing. This list is the most current as of the 21st of October. First let’s take a look at his wheel game. He’s running 18×10 +20 XXR 968 with 25mm 5×114.3 wheel adapters in the front and 50mm in the rear. The XXRs were wrapped with 245/35 Federal RS-R at the time of this photoshoot.



You’re probably wondering what suspension he’s on right now aren’t you? This is a custom one-of-a-kind suspension setup. Used to be lowered on just BC BR Coilovers, but since he installed the Rocket Bunny style widebody kit, he decided to go bags. Now, he didn’t do this the typical “go online and order some pre-made air ride suspension” way. This FR-S was treated to some custom fabricated air bags to convert the current BC BR Coilovers into air-ride suspension. He did this with the help of the Viair 444, a Firestone 3 Gallon Tank, Slam Specialties SV-8C Valve Block, AVS 7 Switch Box, and Power by MAX Lower Control Arms.


The dope blast pipes you see on this are all custom made by a shop called Crows Muffler in Lawton, OK. This FR-S doesn’t just look good, it performs VERY well in my opinion. It’s running the greatly loved Speed by Design Turbo Kit e-tuned on the Open Flash Tablet by Shiv. A very cool fact is that this car was one of the very first 86s to be tuned on the OFT for the SBD kit.


On to the body work. First of all, this car was painted by Michael at Infinite Panel Repair & Custom LLC with a custom mix of Axalta Chroma Base and cleared with Axalta Cromax Clear. It’s one of the most beautiful paints I’ve ever seen. You HAVE to see it in person. The body kit is compiled of Rocket Bunny style V1 Diffuser, Fender Flares, Rocket Bunny style V2 Duck Bill Spoiler, Vertex side skirts, and a HT Auto Front Lip. Under that V2 spoiler sits a very nice Seibon Carbon Fiber Trunk.


Interior is kept clean and simple. Some Autometer Elite Gauges to ensure things are running smoothly, a Vertex 10 Star Steering Wheel mounted with a NRG Quick Release on a BOSS hub, and a bubble shift knob.


Camera Used:
Nikon D5200

Lenses Used:
50mm Series E AIS f/1.8
18-55mm Nikkor f/3.5-5.6

As I said already, this car will be changing a LOT soon. There’s many things to come and you can expect me to keep you updated with a second photoshoot when all the changes are complete 🙂

Want a shoot? Contact me using this form and I’ll reply as soon as I can.


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