Looks like as of now, this fall meet will be the last official stance meet of the year. This time we had it on Dave & Busters in OKC. Although it was our first night meet, everyone came out and had a great time. I’m very grateful they were cool with us having the meet there and it went off without a hitch.

Check out this first round of amazing pictures from our friend Dylan Kolohe Clayborn. Be on the lookout for more work from him soon so stay tuned and enjoy.

This may be the last official stance meet of the year but there are tons of other events still to come like the annual toys for tots toy drive and some other small local meets. For more information on these meets check us out on facebook and instagram.I am so stoked for the future of the automotive scene here in Oklahoma. We keep getting cooler cars and cooler events so I expect things to continue to get bigger and better.

Enjoy these second round of awesome pictures from more of our local favs. The two photographers are our own John Thach and long-time hussler, Johhny Velasco.

A huge thanks again to all who came out and to all those who support our local scene in whatever way they can. Appreciate all the love! And, if you feel like you have something to contribute, please feel free to contact us directly at okstance@gmail.com. We’ll see you guys next time!


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