Why stance?

Every state or region has its own site, forum, or blog for the lower and wider cars. Oklahoma had no such thing-so there i began finding cars and writing about the “low lifestyle”. Everything from drifting events to car shows-its all covered here.


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  1. From canda yo!
    hellaflushh crx, out

  2. thanks for the view and taking the time to comment =]
    i duno how you found the blog but thanks for looking!

  3. I didn’t know this blog existed until now, but Im a local and I know one of the owners of a car on this blog. I think it’s dope and I will be sure to spread the word about it to all the Car cats i know. Hopefully get you guys some connections to keep the ball moving.

  4. We like what you are doing. Keep it up!

  5. This is so awesome I did not know that okc had this kind of community when is the next meet up I am for sure coming!

  6. glad you found us! spread the word and love! keep update on our facebook and heres the link to the next meet with details to be adjusted when its closer to that date

  7. Chevalia Snider June 3, 2012 — 7:54 am

    omg i love yall

  8. Hey i like the page. I am new to the area, and looking to find some meets and meet some peeps.

  9. Um, so is anyone going to explain the point of stancing your car on this thread? I agree is looks sick, but the more I look into it, the more people say how bad it is for tires year round. I mean if you like blowing money out of your ass on tires then great, but I prefer to put that money into my engine instead. I guess my question is: Is there any upside to stancing other than looks? Is there a way of stancing that doesn’t rip through tires like hell?

    • If you look at most of the current track setup cars-those would have stance for performance reasons but still going through tires.
      One result of stancing your vehicle solely for visual reasons could be premature tire wear if you have a bad alignment and excessive -camber.
      There are plenty of ways to add stance to a vehicle with having a proper alignment that gets daily usage like many of ours get.
      Also, some of us would rather look cool driving slow than pay the price of going fast–like tickets and high speed accidents.

  10. Moving to OKC for 3 months, any other meets going on there? I saw you guys just had one on 5/4.

  11. Any other meets/events going on? I’m moving to OKC for 3 months and saw you just had one 5/4.

  12. Where can i get my car stanced? Any shops that do it?

  13. Where can I get one of the “Okstance.com” stickers I would love to rock one on my car

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